10xCalibur Solar Panel

HESolar’s Patent protected 10xCalibur solar thermal collector’s unprecedented collector size (> 10 square meters), tracking capability, and minimal loses (essentially all thermal surfaces, including supply and return lines, are enclosed in a vacuum and highly insulated), 10XCalibur is designed to reach temperatures as high as 600 F, which is sufficient to drive a steam or sterling engine for the production of electricity, or an absorption chiller for refrigeration. When used in a cogeneration configuration, the waste heat from the heat engine is utilized for commercial sized heating applications thus greatly improving the ROI.

10XCalibur is targeted to produce ~10 kW of steady state heat based on a yearly average of 10 years of climate data for the Colorado Rocky Mountain Region. 10XCalibur’s output can meet or exceed the energy output of a similar sized Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) system without the inefficiencies and complexities associated with CSP.